Saudi Arabia’s first fashion week

Source: NPR

Headline reads:

Saudi Arabia’s First Arab Fashion Week Kicks Off, Beyond Fashionably Late

This headline covers the Who:Saudi Arabia, What:Fashion Week, When:Fashionably Late (being the present), Where:Saudi Arabia,

Saudi Arabia is known as a very conservative country, so I was shocked to see that they had their first Fashion Week, recently.

Fashion Week revolves around the expression of clothing which, in Saudi Arabia, has been blocked by the government to be mainly black modest clothing.

Though, Saudi Arabia did stick to its true nature and ran on “AT,” better known as Arab Time, and launched two weeks after the planned date, due to logistical reasons.

Author: Noor

Noor is the youngest of five. She enjoys learning hobbies and broadening her knowledge in every way. She is very passionate about The Lord of the Rings and is caught quoting it, on many occasions. She will also quote shows, from her childhood. No one understands these quotes except her family. Noor loves cats, and has combined her love for cats, and Lord of the Rings, by naming her gray cat Gandalf.

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