Mimi mission (downriver)

I follow many different people and organizations. I am as active as possible with the Autistic community. The organization I choose to share is Mimi’s Mission it serves the downriver communities only.

They are here to support and reach as many families as possible. They are spreading their wings into autism. They have support groups twice a week. That helps parents have support from one another.

“At Mimi’s Mission, our passion is helping the working poor in S.E. Michigan. Mimi’s Mission is different. We help ease the family burden working parents face who cant make ends meet. We assist with household items such as soaps and toiletries. We are a 501c3. We do provide receipts. We do not make a profit. Mimi’s Mission is simply a community outreach mission to help our neighbors during their time of need.”

Author: Olivia Buk

My name is Olivia Buk. I am working on a double major in early childhood development and Instructional technology. I am currently an assistant special education preschool teacher. I love everything about my career path. I can't wait to see where my career will take me!

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