UofM Lacrosse

I started following the University of Michigan Men’s Lacrosse Team on Twitter.

I have been to a few lacrosse games, and was surprised by how excited I was. I only discovered the game of lacrosse five years ago.

During the Senior’s Game, on April 21st, UofM played against John’s Hopkins and lost by one point, 30 seconds before the game ended.

The UofM Lacrosse Twitter feed has gotten a lot better over the years. Their media presence has been a lot better, and includes comedic gestures. For example, a play on the player’s last name’s were used for Valentine’s Day cards.

Author: Noor

Noor is the youngest of five. She enjoys learning hobbies and broadening her knowledge in every way. She is very passionate about The Lord of the Rings and is caught quoting it, on many occasions. She will also quote shows, from her childhood. No one understands these quotes except her family. Noor loves cats, and has combined her love for cats, and Lord of the Rings, by naming her gray cat Gandalf.

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