All about me

With the ever so rampant exposure to the lack of privacy, I choose to not include a lot about myself, online.

Thanks to COMM 331, I do have a Twitter, and TweetedTimes account. For professional purposes, I have a LinkedIn account, but it is private to nonmembers of the website.

While I try and stay anonymous, online, there are individuals who post things about me.

Here, for example, is a time when I was at Wayne Statue University, recruiting for Crain’s Detroit.

Author: Noor

Noor is the youngest of five. She enjoys learning hobbies and broadening her knowledge in every way. She is very passionate about The Lord of the Rings and is caught quoting it, on many occasions. She will also quote shows, from her childhood. No one understands these quotes except her family. Noor loves cats, and has combined her love for cats, and Lord of the Rings, by naming her gray cat Gandalf.

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