Where’s Travis? an internet address

As much as I love the internet and everything it offers I actually don’t use it that much to hang out on social media. Personally I find it to be a waste of my time because if I’m going to hang out with someone online its going to be in a video game, or at least in a VOIP where many people are playing different video games but still talking to each other.

Now I do have social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, but don’t expect to find me on there more than five times a year. If you want to find out what my interests are you can read a paper I put together on tweeted times about most things I like. Now if you are trying to find me in a more professional environment you can find my profile on LinkedIn for my past and present job experience.

Now where can you find me if you want to get a hold of me to talk and hang out? You can find me over at Discord.


Discord is a VOIP by gamers for gamers, DM me at KyotoGrayWolf#8545.


Author: travisalber

Instructional technology major at the University of Michigan - Dearborn. Avid gamer and computer entusiast. Fan of Detroit Tigers baseball and anime.

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