Using image slides to show some of my class work

This slide show shows some of my work in Online reporting, research and writing class. These pictures are  for our class blog , my blog page, fusion tables, my twitter account, and an example of one my blogs which is titles how to minimize bias in our reporting.

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Has the border wall construction begin

I came across a news article titled Has the Border Wall Begun, and this article mentioned that president Donald Trump declared that the construction of the wall between the United States and Mexico has began. This article included a picture that was described as an image of the construction of the Border wall. Therefore, I wanted to verify and check both the article and the image that was included as well. I used to verify both the article and the image that has been used. The used image on this article has been tweeted by Donald Trump, and he stated that the image as “great briefing this afternoon on the start of our southern border wall!”. mentioned that this article is mostly false, and it mentioned that there are undergoing projects to replace fencing but that doesn’t include any constructions for the border wall supported by the Donald Trump administration. “There are projects underway along parts of the border to improve or replace fencing, but none of that includes any of the eight border wall prototypes ordered by the Trump administration.” (Valverde, 2018). Also, the image that Donald Trump tweeted isn’t for the border wall construction as he mention; rather, the image was for the construction to improve the fencing.verification


Larry Nassar molestation

Until today, there are girls who are speaking out regarding the Larry Nassar molestation. Today in the, there was an article title McKayla Maroney says Larry Nassar molested her “Hundreds” of times, and Maroney talked about how Larry Nassar had molested her hundreds of times.

Maroney who is a gold medal gymnast said that she was molested “everytime” she would be treated by Larry Nassar. It is unbelievable how many girls are having the courage to speak out on what had happen to them during their treatment with Larry Nassar.

This image is for Mckayla Maroney during her interview. Also, this image is used in the news story by the NBC News.

Technology integration in the classroom

My second data story was titled the Importance of Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning. I used different sources that explained how technology integration could improve the way teachers teach and the way students learn. The first source was titled Learning and Schooling in the Age of Mobilism which talked about how technology had became part of everyone’s life and the importance of including technology in our education system. The second source is titled The Impact of Education Technology on Student Achievement, and this source included different studies that talked about the impact of technology integration on students’ achievement. The third source is professor Mesut Duran, and he is an educational technology professor in the University of Michigan Dearborn. The fourth sources is an article about the TPACK model which stands for Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge. The fifth source talked about Howard Gardner which led to the sixth source which was about Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory. Last source I used was Professor Stein Brunvand who is the associate dean for the master’s programs, and the director for the educational technology program in the University of Michigan Dearborn.



FOIA powered migration story

FOIA stands for the Freedom of Information Act (1967), and this act gives the public the right to disclose public information controlled by the U.S. government. FOIA helps the public such as journalists to request public information from the government that could support their stories and inform the reader.

Looking through different public stories that are FOIA powered stories, and these public stories were disclosed by the U.S. government. The story I chose to discuss is titled As Central American Gangs Increasingly Target Children More Minors are Fleeing the U.S.

This story is talking about student gang members in central El Salvador. A gang has sexually assaulted a 12 year old girl and killed her cousin. The article goes on to talk about how the girl’s parents had to migrate to the U.S. and wanted to have their kids join them mainly for safety reasons. However, the family didn’t end up having the kids come to the U.S. because at the time the U.S. government paid $130 million to increase security on the U.S. Mexican borders.

As an American, I want to have protected borders; however, reading migrants’ stories and knowing the reasons behind their immigration make me have mixed feelings especially if that could help a child’s life.



Twitter account worth following

The person I am following on twitter and that I am aggregating coverage from is professor Stein Brunvand. Professor Stein Brunvand is the Associate Dean for the Master’s programs, and an Associate Professor for the Educational Technology program at the University of Michigan Dearborn. Stein Brunvand is the director for the educational and instructional technology programs.Therefore, professor Brunvand can be a help source to increase my knowledge in the instructional technology field and that makes him worth following.