Mimi mission (downriver)

I follow many different people and organizations. I am as active as possible with the Autistic community. The organization I choose to share is Mimi’s Mission it serves the downriver communities only.

They are here to support and reach as many families as possible. They are spreading their wings into autism. They have support groups twice a week. That helps parents have support from one another.

“At Mimi’s Mission, our passion is helping the working poor in S.E. Michigan. Mimi’s Mission is different. We help ease the family burden working parents face who cant make ends meet. We assist with household items such as soaps and toiletries. We are a 501c3. We do provide receipts. We do not make a profit. Mimi’s Mission is simply a community outreach mission to help our neighbors during their time of need.”

The lack of social media accounts

I do not post/write much on social media. I have a snapChat account, Instagram, Facebook, and just made a twitter account last week for this class. I use facebook to stay connected with friends and family. I play games on Facebook and browser. I just do not post much.

I am just starting to use Instagram, but still learning how to use it. I am still more of a browser. My little cousin is the only person that has posted on my Instagram account!

My snapchat is my most active social media. I love snapping my friends and family it is so much fun. Snapchat has made taking pictures and videos a daily occurrence. They have now twisted it into a news source too. Follow me at bukaroo09!

I do have my own website but is only used for school reasons. It is like a resume website.

Welcome spring!

Here in Michigan, we have been waiting for Spring. Spring has finally arrived, not! Normally spring brings  Tiger Baseball, flowers, gardening, warm weather, and sunshine.

Spring 2018

Has brought in snow, rain, freezing rain, and power outages. The average temperature in April is 59degress highes and 39 degrees lows. We only hit the average high temperature one day this month so far. On April 12th we hit 79 degrees.

On Sunday, April 15th the freezing rain storm has affected 37,239 customers.

This April has been cold along with the crazy wet weather. It looks we won’t warm up until the end of April. Rain Rain Go Away Come Back Another Day I want Mr. Sun To Come and Play! We are all waiting for Spring.



A good aggregation

I choose an aggregation done by  BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed is a news site that has articles that are not normally news savvy. Some of there articles are very silly. Along with news they have fun quizzes.

I reviewed an article called 36 Things That’ll Make You Say “Why Don’t I Own That Already?”

I feel the author Elena Garcia did a good job writing this. She listed items. Under each item, she described it.

It stated how much it costs.

Along with where to find it. The links are active, so the links take you straight to the item. That makes purchasing easy.

They are spaced out nicely and fun to read. If you are looking for something unique or uncommon look no fa

Overall the article was written well. It was geared towards the reader with active links.

The boss Betsy Devos

This interview was very scary to me. Watching someone that is in control of our education system along with my job not be able to answer simple questions. Sad.

There is a new state stander for public schools to follow. That is if your child/student is not at a third-grade reading level you are not able to move on. You are no longer able to slide under the radar with reading levels. You must be able to read before moving on to fourth grade.

The state testing needs to change. The rich, poor, and in between are doing poorly. The M-Step is hard. I hope they change the state testing strategies.

She has not even visited a public school that is bad/not doing well. She has nothing to speak to because she has done nothing.

Choices are good but we need great. Put the time, energy, and money into our public schools and watch us soar.

He did a great job curation on the “60-minute interview.” He supported everything with links to his sources. He broke it down so everyone can understand it and find more information.


I scream, I scream for mexican!

 The top 5 Mexican Resturants in the Downriver area.

I love Mexican food, so why not write an aggregation on the top restaurants near my house. I live in Rockwood Mi, so if you are around the area check them out!

#1)  3 Hermanos

It is a small family ran and owned Mexican restaurant in Rockwood Mi. I eat here often and love it. However; it’s a little pricey. They have received 4.5 out of 5 stars

#2) BYOB- Build Your Own Burrito

This is a new restaurant that opened in Flat Rock MI. I have yet to try it but every time I drive by I want to stop. Even though they have only been open a short time they have received 4.7 out of 5 stars. Due to them only being open a year I listed them as #2


#3) Amigo’s Mexican Restaurant

Amigos is a family owned and operated restaurant. They have the best wet burritos around. This is one of my Favorite Mexican places around. Needs a little updating and a bigger building!  They received 4.1 out of 5 stars

#4) Fiesta Grande Flat Rock

A Mexican restaurant that is full of Mexican decor. It has a lot to look at plus delicious food!  They received 3.8 out of 5 stars.

#5) Blue Margarita 

They have a variety of Margaritas to try. They have a good variety of food along with American options. They received 3.4 out of 5 stars.