Notes before Wednesday’s class

I’ve receive some of your “data story” links but still need quite a few of them. Please send them before 4 p.m. Wednesday to give me enough time to integrate them into a class presentation we can all look at. If you need a refresher on the links where you might find such stories, you’ll find them here in the readings area of the site.

Also, I want to start setting you all up in the blog, so you can begin blogging. I need your email addresses to do this. For those of you who have already emailed me your links, you’re set! For the rest of you, I’ll be able to add you as a user to the blog as soon as you email me.

Thanks! See all of you Wednesday evening!

Author: Nancy Hanus

Nancy Hanus is a journalist, digital strategist and educator. She formerly was director of digital strategy and audience development at Crain's Detroit Business and Crain's Cleveland Business; regional editor at; and director of new media at The Detroit News.

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