Handy Dandy Tools

When you hear the word “tools” you start thinking of “masculine” heavy machinery that well does not sound like fun. But there is a light at the end of this tunnel. And that light is, tools made for the age of digitalism.

Believe it or not the first tools of journalism was a good old fashioned piece of paper and pen. That evolved into a typewriter all within the years of 1870-1970 according to Searchlight and Sunglasses .

Now in today’s era we have many tools at our disposal that allows our inner creativity to run wild.

One I will be exploring is Amara. We should also refer to this program as the accessibility Queen. In this YouTube video we get a small glimpse and a chance to Meet Amara .

With Amara, users get a chance to make their content more relatable to multiple users. Take my family, on my personal blog Zahara’s Blog I have product reviews that are sold internationally yet the language I am using is English. I write poetry that is again in English. If I was able to incorporate Amara in my blogging, I think it would make a huge difference.

This is where Amara becomes the accessibility Queen. With this program I can have subtitles from all languages with collaboration from other users to assist with translating. Now my audience has went from English American to Tanzanian!

Author: iamzjay

Zahara Madahah is currently a college student at the University of Michigan Dearborn studying English and Literature. She is currently in the process of publishing her first novel in this up coming year. Zahara has been married for 9 years and has four beautiful children.

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