Amara, captioning videos for free

While reading “Ten tools to learn, more to explore”, there were many tools that I liked, such as Timeline.js and Title Mill/Map Box. But, the tool that I found interesting was Amara. Amara is a site where anyone can caption, subtitle, and translate videos.

I played around with it by using a video that I made in a previous course by adding captions to my voiceover. It was rather easy to use. First, you type what you hear in a text box. Then, you would sync the captions with the voiceover. Lastly, you review the video to make sure that all captions are synced on time.

The syncing of the captions did take some time, but overall I liked this tool because anyone can translate my video into a different language. Amara’s mission is “Working to Build a More Open, Collaborative World”. I like the message that they are trying to send. Through videos, we can all connect with each other no matter what language one speaks.

Here is the link to my subtitled video.


Author: Ashley Apostol

Ashley Apostol is a sophomore at the University of Michigan - Dearborn majoring in Instructional Technology. She has always had an interest in using and learning about technology and knew that it was something she wanted to do in her life.

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