The Age of Walls

Hello Eric,
As you have mentioned, people migrate and leave their families and countries to improve their lives and to look for better opportunities. In the past, our ancestors migrated to America to better their lives, so why not now?

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Change is on the horizon, we all know this. The question is, in what way?

One of the many things that has become a topic of conversation over the last year is the building of a wall on the US and Mexico border.

The Washington Post had a documentary about how borders are rising all over the world, not just here in America. There were different reasons as to why these walls were built.

The most common reason was “security”. Security is a very iffy term these days due to who or what needs to be secured.

In the third part of this series, is when it starts to hit home. The Washington Post begins to discuss what could happen if the wall that President Trump preached about came to fruition.

In a nutshell, farming lands could be affected and other business may begin to suffer as well.

One of…

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