African American Graduation Rates in the Country

Picture sourced from The Washtenaw Voice.

Education has been expanding and accepting more as the years go by. However, students of color, specifically African American students, are not always provided with the best resources or skills needed in order to succeed in college.

A data table that looks at racial groups comparing the percentages of total number of students graduating to African Americans graduating is tremendously different. By searching through this, it appears that graduation rates remain in the high 50s, never exceeding the high 80s percentile.

When comparing the total graduation rates of college students to African American students, it is clear to see that many of these students are not doing as well as they could be. In Nevada, graduation rates of African American students are at a low of 43%. Many states report numbers in the 50s through 70s.

Some data is not collected for some of these states, but it is not necessarily needed if someone wants to look at the data from within a state.

This gap between education could be fixed in many different ways, but the problem has to be found before action can take place. It will also take a lot of time since this has been a problem for many years.

Author: Chanel

Chanel Stitt is a Journalist at the University of Michigan - Dearborn working towards her Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, minoring in Women's and Gender Studies with a Certificate in Public Relations. She has worked at five local publications based in Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Detroit.

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