Great lead of head line

For Team USA. it’s not quite a medal drought. but it certainly no Olympic region.


This article headline lead Have you asking the question what about the USA. and the question how it’s not a medal drought. I think this is a good lead because it catches the attention of people who naturally like the Olympics and for us USA citizens to see how we are doing.

There was a great amount of data in this story surrounding this article with colourful images. Data result are on this link.

Many things pop up when you google searches when you search for this headlining here is a screenshot image and a link. Google search link here Image listed below

IMG_google search photo.jpg

Not only does a list of data search for website show up the image show up as well on the left top corner was the images that were you for the image after the lead. Image link search here  Also, images display of Google is listed below.

IMG_google 2

The  reason  that this mostly stood out to me is  because how I love the Olympic games when I was younger I would watch this all the time every year with family mostly my father I haven’t watch any more after I stop seeing my father, but it does bring back great memories I love the ice skating changes I remember I wanted to be good like the girls I seen in the ring when I was 10-12 years of age.



Author: Jannah shannon

Hello, I am Jannah I am a collage student who like K-pop and J-Pop Nice too meet you. My goals is to become a teacher one day in Japan but my major is Instructional Technology.

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