Pastor and 3 others slain in Detroit shooting rampage reported on CBS News

Although I don’t like reporting on negative topics, this CBS news lede says it all. For instance, one can clearly see what has taking place in the lede, the reader also can immediately see the location to whereas the incident took place.pexels-photo-532001.jpeg(Free Google picture art)

Furthermore, the reader can see in the lede above, who and how just enough whereas it will draw in a intretested reader as it did myself at the time being a I’m a resident of Detroit.

I also found that a good lede with the a big cty city name provided like Detroit, can bring in more readers and be more impactful than the actual story sometimes.  A good lede however, can really be conducive to getting a readers interest enough to wanting to read more on their given topic.

Having key words in a lede also helps the reader to know if they’ll be interested in the story or not quickly and that’s very important for the publisher to know and to utilize quality ledes if they’re wanting to reach a large amount of readers at once.

Author: Keturrah Ellis

I absolutely love nature and family! I am in school for Environmental Sciences and I attend school at the University of Michgan. I am naturally gifted in astronomy and arts and so I will be utilizing my skills to help improve the overall health of our environment.

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