Is “FOIA” Really For ya?

Taking a deeper look into the Freedom of Information Act

Many are not familiar as to what”FOIA” is or what i really stands for. FOIA is an acronyms that stands for the “Freedom of Information Act”.  This is act is put in place to enforce that any person that would like to obtain any government records while still being protected from public disclosure. The act originally being enacted on July 5th, 1967, it serves a a right of public access to all people. So what significance does the FOIA have in todays society?



The FOIA Serves a great importance to society; Some of these events have been listed on Tumblr,and they showcase the importance of the FOIA act , and how it protected the people that were involved. One of the most relevant positive outcomes of FOIA , is how it was used with drug take down here in the United States. The Washington Post, created an article titled, ” Former DEA investigators: ‘People were dying’ while opioid cases languished”

With drugs having such a heavy impact on our economic infrastructure, neighborhoods, and other parts of citizenship, with out the FOIA people that were investigating this case would have not obtained documents referencing the drops in actual enforcement over this matter. Although it may seem very minute, a lot of documents that remain hidden can often be used for the greater of common good.

Author: Myles Barnes

Hello, My name is Myles Barnes and I am currently a student at the University of Michigan-Dearborn studying Instructional Technology. I am a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc, and also a member of the Black Student Union here on Campus. I hope that you enjoy my post and gain so much.

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