Biases in journalism

We all have biases! Even journalists they are human too.

What does a journalist do?

A journalist makes a difference in peoples’ lives. They uncover the truth and explain the complex issues in a way that anyone can understand. They help people make decisions about their lives, their values, their beliefs.

It is truthful and minimizes harm. It is free of conflicts of interest. It is accurate, clear, fair, thorough and transparent.

Journalists Should:

  • Be responsible for their work.
  • Provide context and take time to promote the story.
  • Gather the correct/updated information
  • Identify sources clearly
  • Support the open and civil exchange of views.
  • Provide access to source materials when it is appropriate.


Author: Olivia Buk

My name is Olivia Buk. I am working on a double major in early childhood development and Instructional technology. I am currently an assistant special education preschool teacher. I love everything about my career path. I can't wait to see where my career will take me!

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