Technology integration in the classroom

My second data story was titled the Importance of Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning. I used different sources that explained how technology integration could improve the way teachers teach and the way students learn. The first source was titled Learning and Schooling in the Age of Mobilism which talked about how technology had became part of everyone’s life and the importance of including technology in our education system. The second source is titled The Impact of Education Technology on Student Achievement, and this source included different studies that talked about the impact of technology integration on students’ achievement. The third source is professor Mesut Duran, and he is an educational technology professor in the University of Michigan Dearborn. The fourth sources is an article about the TPACK model which stands for Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge. The fifth source talked about Howard Gardner which led to the sixth source which was about Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences theory. Last source I used was Professor Stein Brunvand who is the associate dean for the master’s programs, and the director for the educational technology program in the University of Michigan Dearborn.



Author: Safa aljabaly

Hello, This is Safa Aljabaly, I am a student at the University of Michigan Dearborn, and I'm majoring in instructional technology.

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