Curate links My life in social media

Hello, I am Jannah. I use the tweeter application to report the latest information on the news I have read.

information like this to update fans and congratulate k-pop singers for their talent.

I follow BTS and a few classmates to get upcoming news information and do class assignments from time to time.

I also use tweet deck feeds to keep up with the news and update my twitter newspaper.



All about me

With the ever so rampant exposure to the lack of privacy, I choose to not include a lot about myself, online.

Thanks to COMM 331, I do have a Twitter, and TweetedTimes account. For professional purposes, I have a LinkedIn account, but it is private to nonmembers of the website.

While I try and stay anonymous, online, there are individuals who post things about me.

Here, for example, is a time when I was at Wayne Statue University, recruiting for Crain’s Detroit.