The Drive on the 2019 Detroit Auto Show


An article that I found that uses curation is from The Drive, a news website about automobiles, that talked about the Detroit Auto Show moving the dates for the 2019 Detroit Auto Show to October instead of January.

The article does an alright job curating, adding a few links that backed up his statements. For example, he linked the article that shows that Mercedes-Benz will sit out of the 2019 Detroit Auto Show.

His article is well written, but he weaved in his own opinions, saying that the 2018 Detroit Auto Show was the “most boing and irrelevant Auto Show in his career.” Towards the end of the article, he states that The Drive is for the October move date for the Detroit Auto Show.

There’s also times in the article that needed to be linked. He stated where he got his information and talks about it, like Automotive News, but doesn’t link the original article. I also thought that he needed to add other outside sources, other than articles from his own publication.