Curation of Ann Arbor’s Greek Life

In the past, Ann Arbor has not always had the best name for Greek Life. There are many negatives that have led to today’s situation.

On Thursday, November 9, all Greek Life activities were suspended at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Hazing and sexual misconduct was occurring, even though both of those issues are illegal at the university.¬†During the weekend of the football game versus Michigan State, there were “30 hospital transports.”

Now as of 2018, it is being required that if those that wish to participate in Greek Life, they must complete 12 credit hours at the University. This means that no freshmen would be allowed to be recruited until the winter semester. It is now an issue of how housing is going to be effected.

A meeting with a greek life advisor is now mandatory due to Ann Arbor’s campus, which is effective at every branch.

MLive’s constant updates through Twitter

When aggregating news on Twitter through Nuzzel, it is easy to see what the people in Ann Arbor are talking about. MLive has recently been retweeted by several of my followers.

MLive is a media organization based in Ann Arbor. They report on breaking news, sports, college and lifestyle along with many more topics. Their content keeps the public informed not only through social media, but through their weekly newspaper as well.

One story that immediately caught my attention is the trending topic of the University of Michigan – Dearborn. It is now a requirement that in order to join Greek Life, one must complete 12 credit hours and do well in that semester. This decision was made without consulting with the public, which caused an upset on campus.

Nuzzel allows the opportunity to see this post quickly due to the buzz surrounding it. With a large following of Ann Arbor’s students, it is very popular on my Twitter feed.