The of a bobsled is 78.7 MPH

The first bobsled club was founded in St.Moritz, Switzerland in 1897. From there it grew into a sport in the late 19th century.


  • Above is a picture of what the first bobsled looked like along with how the event was ran according to the international bobsled and skeleton federation.
  • In 1923  a four-man race took place at the first winter Olympics. A two-man event was added in 1932.

By the 1950s the sport really began to take shape. Before the 1950s there was no training/practice. It was just open to any rich and adventurous athlete that bought a sleigh.

  • In 1999  the Olympics added women’s bobsledding events.
  • The average speed of a bobsled is 78.7mphThe average speed of a bobsled, compared to an hockey player. The interactive graphic from The Washington Post, is 78 mph.
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