Inaccurate total tuition costs in comparative report

What is interesting about the comparative report of Michigan schools is that the University of Michigan – Dearborn has the lowest tuition out of the sixteen four-year universities.

Since it is a commuter school, room and board is only counted as $1,600. However, this is not always the case. The university has housing but it is not necessarily attached to the school’s name until recently.

Living at the Union at Dearborn, students are able to get a 10-month or 12-month lease with up to four occupants per room. Prices start at $600 per month.

This being said, the comparative report is not as accurate as it could be. The University of Michigan – Flint has recorded that room and board is $2,148, which is also not true. Both University of Michigan branches have Union’s attached to them with similar pricing.

This proves that the prices of total tuition are always changing, but this has always been the case of a student living at both University of Michigan  Dearborn and Flint branches.