Bloomberg on my tweetdeck

Bloomberg is an organization that I am following on my social media handle (Twitter).  I was first introduced to the company several years ago as I ventured into the stock market. With my TD Ameritrade App there was a section on the app that had live Bloomberg news.

The tool I am using to aggregate is Tweetdeck .  I believe that Bloomberg’s feed allows for people to look at what is going on in the business world as well as economics and this all depends on which of Bloomberg handles that you follow.

The content on this website that makes it worth following for me is if you are interested in stocks this will be a good place to gather information and stay up to date with what is going on in the business world. The economics Bloomberg Twitter is also great for trading currency. Bloomberg relates information about multiple countries economics. If someone is not interested in stocks then it will still be a good source of information to have on hand.


A good example of a curated story

In Ron French’s curated story, he first presented and quoted the topic that Betsy DeVos discussed in the 60 Minute interview. French did not include his opinion in the story; rather, he curated multiple sources that explain how Michigan education is getting worse each year.

As a reader of French’s story, I was convinced by the data provided that the education in Michigan never been worst. French didn’t make any claims in the story; rather, he provided evidences of data, research, and facts that stated to the reader that Michigan education system is only going downward.

French used multiple resources in his story. Two of the resources that French presented in the story are Michigan spent $80 million to improve early reading and NAEP Data Explorer. The first source is Michigan spent $80 million to improve early reading which is one of French’s publications in Second source is NAEP Data Explorer which is retrieved from the

French used different resources in the story to state the facts that indicate that the education system in Michigan is only getting worse each year. The NAEP data showed the academic achievement level across the state of Michigan.

French introduced “contextually links” to make sure the reader knows some information about the source mentioned in the story, also he provided links to the actual source. For instance, Brian Jacob was one of the sources in French’s story. French provided a link to Brian Jacob’s page that has more information about him “…according to the analysis by Brian Jacob, a University of Michigan professor of economics and education.” (French, 2018).