Data Sketches, a fun and creative blog for data visuals


Throughout this course, we have been using data, as well as looking at data visuals. I wanted to see what other ways people can present data, other than what we seen in class. I came across this blog called Data Sketches, by two people named Nadieh Bremer and Shirley Wu from two different countries where they decided to collaborate with each other for twelve months.

Each month there’s a topic and they must come up with a visual representation by the end of the month. They are free to do whatever they want, if it fits the topic. They also documented the process of each week. Which includes the data research, sketching the visuals, up until the final product.


What I like about their blog is their creativity with their visual data representation. While looking at each topic for that month, my favorite month was September where the topic was about Travel. They both took the topic and made it personal to them. Nadieh’s visual focused on all the vacations that she went on ever since she was younger.

Check here to see Nadieh’s finished data visual. Shirley’s data visual only represented four years of vacations that she went on. Check out Shirley’s finished data visual here.