Ten tools to improve the journalism experience

The tools listed in “Ten Tools to Learn, More to Explore” can either improve or complicate the journalism experience.

Some of these tools need further explanation on how to use them because of the extended skills needed to operate the programs.

One tool, DocumentCloud, gives the ability to dig deeper into articles which can be very helpful when writing a long story.

Features available in DocumentCloud include the option of giving further information about what is presented in the article. If the desire to learn about a specific date, organization, place or person is present, journalists are given extended details about their topics.

Highlighting and annotating are a part of this tool as well. Similar to a PowerPoint, journalists can use this tool to produce public and private notes to better describe articles. Summarization is an important tool to include so that people in a rush can read a smaller excerpt of a story.

Journalist can also publish work and share with others on DocumentCloud. This gives the opportunity to receive publicity for articles and blogs at a larger perspective. Links can be posted, leading people to publications all over the world.

“DocumentCloud contains court filings, hearing transcripts, testimony, legislation, reports, memos, meeting minutes and correspondence,” said a statement on the DocumentCloud website.

This feature gives journalists the opportunity to trace back a large amount of information to include in future articles, adding another tool to connect the world.