Renowned physicist , author, and mathematician , Stephen Hawking dies

At the age of 76, Stephen Hawking dies inside of his home in Cambridge, England

Stephen Hawking , a man of excellence with in the science realm has died peacefully at the age of 76, in his Cambridge home in England. Hawking was infamous for his vast discoveries with in science, including research on quantum physics and black holes with in our universe.

Outside of his vast research in science topics, he became a published author when he wrote the book ,” A brief history in time: from big bang to black holes”, in the year of 1988.   In accordance the the NY Times Newspaper, the book was ” Making the Big Bang Almost Understandable”. It allowed people who did not have the scientific knowledge to regularly understand those concepts, to allow them to gain insight on the world how he perceived it.


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This could be viewed as fascinating because of the time and era when this book was published , not allow of information was produced about space, and space travel just had  become a process in the works.

Along with his great life, there were some downward spirals that had taken place. Hawking was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis , or (ALS) for short. Despite his physical handicap, it never affected his  brilliant mind, which allowed him to create more new and improved discoveries with in modern day science.