I want answers– fast

The Journalist’s Resource’s article on the way graduates approach gathering information is extremely relatable. I find my self getting answers the same way and after reading this article, I see why many people my age and I have a created this habit.

The Journalist’s Resource writes an article on how graduates approach gathering information.

I believe we as a tech-savvy generation are so used to getting answers fast through outlets like Google or Wikipedia that we heavily rely on only retrieving information like that.

It would be a waste of time to search for information through phone calls or databases if the same information can be found online. Time is valuable to workers so why would we, as an innovative and fast-paced generation choose to spend time on searching for one answer while we could be using it to find more important information.

I relate this back to biology. All organisms wish to perform and carry out tasks in a way which will require the least energy. So, with that in mind, it would only make sense with the resources available to us to look towards convenient internet searches for information.

However, this will backfire when our resources are not reliable or if they do not carry the right information. I must know that if the internet can’t give me what I need then I have to put in a little more effort in traditional methods like phone calls in order to get what I need. Sometimes I won’t be able to get answers– fast.