Feel like you’ve traveled everywhere just by reading this article

Yes, it is 2018, we have not time traveled but we are traveling instead through different landscapes and climates with the help of The New York Times’ article, “52 Places to Go in 2017.”

Though this article is past due on an update, it still deserves admiration for its layout and quality of visuals.

Moving through this article, readers can get a taste of different countries like India or Canada while getting some information on the place of interest.

For each location, there is a large picture or video that takes up the entire page with a description on what to expect there. Under the text is a map of the destination with links to social media so that readers can discuss with the rest of the web about opinions.

New York Times’ article on places to visit includes large, high-quality pictures to interest readers.
The article includes descriptions as well that are short and sweet followed by a map of the location with social media linked in for easy access to comments.

This is a different take on news stories because it keeps readers interested and awake because of the large and fascinating visuals.