Burnie Burn’s vlog comes to a close

This week something that doesnt happen often came to pass, a Rooster Teeth show ended. Burnie’s vlog which ran for just under a year aired its final episode on Rooster Teeth’s website.

If you are at all familiar with Rooster Teeth you will know that Burnie Burns founded the company in the early 2000’s to produce the web based cult classic show Red vs Blue. Something that Rooster Teeth is not known for is ending shows, heck Red vs Blue is in its fifteenth season. Sure some shows faded after not coming back from break, looking at you sportsball, but a FINAL episode is a rarity.

Burnie’s vlog would update RT fans on what projects were going on behind the scenes as well as entertain with events like ‘cartooning a Tesla’ or ‘Ellie goes to sniper school’. For many it was nice to see Burnie outside of just the weekly podcast and the vlog will be sorely missed. I see no better way to wrap the vlog than how Burnie did so himself…

Author: travisalber

Instructional technology major at the University of Michigan - Dearborn. Avid gamer and computer entusiast. Fan of Detroit Tigers baseball and anime.

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