Help for Lake Erie!

Lake Erie has been under some serious algae problems for over four years now; this has really caused some major issues for more than five hundred thousand residencies in Michigan and Ohio.

The EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency), is now stepping up its financial efforts to get things moving toward a more plausible resolution to eliminate the toxic blooming of phosphorous and nitrogen in Lake Erie.

The reason I chose this topic as a blog is because many people are unaware that the toxins found in algae can sicken and or kill people, animals and more.

Thank goodness the EPA, will now offer eleven million of its dollars to start working out problems the algae has create to the drinking water!

Author: Keturrah Ellis

I absolutely love nature and family! I am in school for Environmental Sciences and I attend school at the University of Michgan. I am naturally gifted in astronomy and arts and so I will be utilizing my skills to help improve the overall health of our environment.

2 thoughts on “Help for Lake Erie!”

  1. Hello, Keturrah I live about 3 miles away from Lake Erie and these facts are scary for me. We love to go to our metro park to walk around it is very calming, fun, and peaceful. Environmental Science is very important and I feel we need to take it more seriously as a Country!
    I remember our beach was closed for a few weeks last summer.

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    1. Thanks Olivia! It’s a wonderful feeling to be around other likeminded people like yourself that actually do care about the overall heath and awareness of our country.

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