The Oscoda Press uses Facebook to reach out to locals

I chose to write about the Oscoda Press. Oscoda is a small town located in northern Michigan near the Au Sable River, that enters Lake Huron. The Oscoda Press writes articles on what’s happening locally. It includes the Oscoda Press in newspaper form or e-Edition.


The only social media that the Oscoda Press uses is Facebook. The publication posts the articles that it writes on to Facebook for people that use Facebook more often, rather than going on to the official website. It makes it easier for people to read on what’s going on in town.


Author: Ashley Apostol

Ashley Apostol is a sophomore at the University of Michigan - Dearborn majoring in Instructional Technology. She has always had an interest in using and learning about technology and knew that it was something she wanted to do in her life.

One thought on “The Oscoda Press uses Facebook to reach out to locals”

  1. Local newspapers are always a great addition to the community. It gives the ability for people to find out positive information about their neighborhoods and surrounding local businesses. I think they should expand their social media usage and make a Twitter account. That way they can connect with more people.


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