Myles Aggregation of Social Media

My name is Myles Barnes, and I am currently on just about all of the major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and Instagram. I usually only post things about my daily life , or things that I am currently doing at the moment. These are some of the profiles of my social media:

Twitter @(Mylesbarnes618)

For my Twitter you will mostly find some of my wild thoughts, pictures of things that i had found comical on social media, or just others people tweets that I had found interesting.

instagram 3.png

Facebook @(Myles Barnes)

Facebook is a platform where i usually give my all of my inner thoughts too; I stay in contact with many people in which I had a past with such as old teachers, students, and old friends. I have found Facebook to be a place where I am comfortable to vent and express some of my most deepest feelings and comments about things I may be thinking of at the time.


Instagram: @( Duecey1914)

instagram1 .png

SnapChat: ( Dr.Biggs)



Instagram and Snapchat is where you will usually find the comical side of me. I usually post things that I am doing currently on snapchat with friends, frat, or family, while Instagram I use it best to post that memories that I would like to last. Although very similar, I have found that I am very particular as to what I post on each social media site.

The lack of social media accounts

I do not post/write much on social media. I have a snapChat account, Instagram, Facebook, and just made a twitter account last week for this class. I use facebook to stay connected with friends and family. I play games on Facebook and browser. I just do not post much.

I am just starting to use Instagram, but still learning how to use it. I am still more of a browser. My little cousin is the only person that has posted on my Instagram account!

My snapchat is my most active social media. I love snapping my friends and family it is so much fun. Snapchat has made taking pictures and videos a daily occurrence. They have now twisted it into a news source too. Follow me at bukaroo09!

I do have my own website but is only used for school reasons. It is like a resume website.

An aggregated story of my social media social media

I’ve been on social quite some time. My first experience was on MySpace back in 2004.

I moved on to Facebook in around 2007. Since then I’ve used my page to network and update on sports and music news. 

Around October of 2o12, I was introduced to Instagram and have used it to show of the highlights of my life.

Earlier this year I joined Twitter, but there’s not much activity on my end, however, there are many pages I follow due to my interests.

Where you can find me on social media

Looking at the types of social media that I use daily, I basically live online. Some social media that I use is Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

My Twitter lets me know what’s happening at the exact moment based on the people and organizations that I’m following. I usually use it for school or business and I am mostly following news organizations and classmates.

Another professional site that I use is Linkedin. Linkedin helps me connect with others in the same community and network with people.


My Instagram is where I communicate with my friends and family. I post pictures that gives them a glimpse of my life. Instagram is the social media site that I think I use more often than the others.


For my Facebook, I go on there occasionally to see what family from out of state or out of the country are up to.

Please feel free to follow or add me on any of the social media sites I linked!

Cambridge Analytica misuses Facebook information


An emerging story that’s happening right now is the Cambridge Analytica’s misappropriation of Facebook user’s information. The Rolling Stone gives a recap on what we know so far in this story. So far, during the time of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, his election team hired Cambridge Analytica and gathered 50 million Facebook profiles.

The reason that has been said for the gathering of these profiles was to use the information to identify U.S voters to target them with personalized political advertisements.

Back in early 2017, Cambridge head of products, Matt Oczkowski, said in a postelection Google panel that the Trump campaign didn’t use psychographics.

This isn’t the first time that this has happened. Back in 2015, presidential candidate Ted Cruz did the exact same method. Cruz’s campaign paid researchers at Cambridge University to gather Facebook profiles.