A world of pirates

The data set that I believe will be captivating is most popular illegal  downloads based on a four day data capture by The Guardian. Although this article only writes about popular Christmas movie downloads, having this data readily available has me wondering about a couple different scenarios.

How many people download and or illegally stream movies premiering in theaters, television shows etc. Also, how many people do not have cable service or video streaming services like Hulu or Netflix?

This type of data set would prove helpful in writing a blog piece on this subject due to its analysis of the term “popular” and transitioning that to what actually is popular. For example, the premier of “Game of Thrones” may have had 10 million views through a sanctioned cable provider, we have people who use piracy sites to view them as well.

The article specifies the type of movies that were downloaded, timeframe of when data was collected, and the software used to collect the data. The article certainly raise the question: Are we living in a world of modern pirates?


Author: Zahara Red

Zahara Red is an alumni from the University of Michigan Dearborn with a Bachelors of Arts with a concentration in English. She is currently in the process of publishing her first novel. Zahara has been married for 10 years and has four beautiful children.

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