Human trafficking can affect everyone. The impotence of understanding human traffickaing is to make sure one is aware of themselves and others.

This was stressed in the Human Trafficking takes million of lives everyday Tips on Protect yourself paper that was done for assiment.

But what was not focus heavily one is how Polaris is an organization that mission is to provide human trafficking victims and survivors with access to critical support and services to get help and stay safe,

Which to equip the anti-trafficking community with the tools to effectively combat all forms of human trafficking.

And how they documented survivors and reported cases each day which is helping lives. Visit  Polaris statistics today.

20180425_153145 data 2 polris college.png

and how everyone can make a difference by donating and reporting the case if they see one.

There is a hotline for one to call if they see or in the situation number is 1 (888) 373-7888 text number is 233733 (Text “HELP” or “INFO”) this is 24 hours, 7 days a week and can be translated into English, Spanish and 200 more languages.

This college was due to pics art which is a mobile application.


Curate links My life in social media

Hello, I am Jannah. I use the tweeter application to report the latest information on the news I have read.

information like this to update fans and congratulate k-pop singers for their talent.

I follow BTS and a few classmates to get upcoming news information and do class assignments from time to time.

I also use tweet deck feeds to keep up with the news and update my twitter newspaper.



Wildcard–educational tools

Can Technology improve students learning and help teachers What can be used to help, google classroom has the answer?

Education is something everyone will be able to experience rather they like it or not young kids are suggested to go to school at the age of 2years old through12 grade.

Head started will get the kids ready for elementary life. While elementary life will get the student ready for middle school.

Middles school gets students ready for high school etc. until the students are ready for a career college will help students with this.

To make learning and lessons easier Google classroom have got teacher and student cover. Anyone can use google classroom and teach any subject.

20180421_181726 (1) google classroom

Invite as many students to learn within this online application software from the computer to your phone.

20180421_181756 students in class

Just creat lesson and assignment and set a due date and your classroom is set for outside use.

20180421_182532 goggle classroom assiments

The student will enjoy some interesting video and links which teachers have added to their outside use curriculum for the semester.

If you have time you can also use google classroom within the teacher a flip classroom assignment.

Here are the materials which will be needed in the classroom example.

20180421_185755 material need for class

Google classroom can do all of this for the online part of the classroom and home assignment.

social media LCA

Newest arena taking over since it open on September 12, 2017

The little Cesar arena is the newest arena locate in Detroit downtown in Michigan this arena is own by Olympia entertainment.

This arena is designed to entertain the guests with live music concerts, hickey basketballs sports, ice skating and more.

here is a little history of Olympics, entertainment in 1927 Olympia Sports Arena was built in downtown Detroit to accommodate Detroit’s NHL franchise.

“The Detroit Cougars, and serve as the premier venue for a variety of entertainment. Affectionately known as “The Old Barn,” Olympia Stadium opened its doors in October 1927 and hosted a wide variety of events including rodeos, ice shows, an Elvis Presley concert, Frank Sinatra concert, the Harlem Globetrotters, presidential addresses, and seven Stanley Cup winning Red Wings teams over its 72-year history. The Olympia Sports Arena closed its doors in 1979 and was demolished in 1986.”

To let people know about the latest event which is being played in the arena the LCA advertise it on Twitter.

Using Twitter is the best way to get the information out since almost everyone is on twitter or use it to get fast news in seconds.

Wildcards are my personal favorites!

I love being able to fully express myself while seeing others do the same.

Wildcard assignments allows for one to focus on something one likes or loves even though it may be a bit odd or eccentric to others.

(Free Google Art)

Crystals of all kind I do Love! I honestly have a huge crush on mother nature in generall because she truly is a daily phenomenon and she holds so much wisdom to behold.

One of my favorite crystals is called a rose quartz crystal and I use them mainly for meditation and healing work. Quartz crystals come in many different variations, shapes and styles and they’re known to emit and or enhance positive or negative energies. What’s astonishing is the fact that the quartz crystals can also hold memory data!

Just look at what ZME Science have to say about it!

“Coined as the ‘Superman memory crystal’, as the glass memory has been compared to the “memory crystals” used in the Superman films, the data is recorded via self-assembled nanostructures created in fused quartz. The information encoding is realised in five dimensions: the size and orientation in addition to the three dimensional position of these nanostructures,” reads a press release.

Hubba Does It Well!

pexels-photo-938971.jpeg(Free Goggle Art)

Hubba will be on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram from April 29th- May 5th!

So what is Hubba?

Hubba is a global wholesale marketplace that powers the new retail economy. Using a combination of machine learning and personal curation, Hubba verifies and connects independent Brands and Retailers, making purchasing the right wholesale products easy. Hubba will become the driving force behind independent retail. By unifying independent Retailers, Hubba gives them the power they need to level the playing field. Hubba currently services 100,000 SMBs and counting.

With so many new and innovative retailers, this is just the help they’ll need to allow for greater sales and customer satisfaction.

It can be very competitive in today’s marketplace, and so any help that brings in greater exposure will always be benificial. Making things easier to find and navigate makes life much easier for many when time is a factor.

This is a great example of a curation done well by Hubba, and its very resourceful and easy to understand and navigate!

Wildcard bias Games

Educational languages games started learning today!

Screenshot_20180418-123224 memrise

As we all know games are just simulated data for enjoyment and learning. yes, what you learn can be done mostly in the real world as we know today.

Some games are better then others, but most games if not all games you can take some part and apply it to your life. Let apply some educational language games.

memrise is an educational language learning game application its also can be used on pc and others ios devices You can choose from these courses of languages.

Screenshot_20180418-120455 mirise langahes i am learning

The application has a pro mode where someone who is leaning can meet locals and hear their pronunciation and follow them. one can also guess what they are saying by writing the word in.

Screenshot_20180418-120636 memrise profile

You can rise a pet egg and evolved it into an alien creature base on the knowledge you learn my in the photo below pet name is Ziggy.

Screenshot_20180418-120607 mimrise egg  Screenshot_20180418-120547 memrise manster

They will let someone write it in English or the native language letters to make sure you understand the spelling. If someone doesn’t know the words they can make keynote to help you remember.

This is what will be given for free:


  • Over 200 language combinations
  • Learn and review

All of this seems very expensive so here are some affordable prices plan they offer for someone to learn the language up to a year. This is what is giving to one who wishes to learn and pay:

Screenshot_20180418-130155 pro mode


  • Over 200 language combinations
  • Learn and review
  • Grammarbot
  • Pro chats
  • Difficult Words Mode
  • Speed Review
  • Listening Skills Mode
  • Video Mode
  • Learning Stats