E! News presents The Rundown

Back in September of 2017, E! News decided to launch a new show called The Rundown. It airs on Snapchat in the discover section.

The idea is to break down all the major pop culture stories, while having fun with it with the host. So far it’s gotten positive reviews.

The show has worked due to the idea of getting all your major stories broken down in five minutes. Plus it’s on the go and can be watched anytime.

Now E! has decided to move the show to a bi-weekly segment. E! states its due to the success of the show, but does that really make sense?

Author: Eric Guzman

Hello, My name is Eric Guzman, I'm a student at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I'm going in to the field of journalism with a concentration in radio broadcasting. My goal is to end up in Chicago doing sports talk, but I have a passion for music and film as well.

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