The lack of social media accounts

I do not post/write much on social media. I have a snapChat account, Instagram, Facebook, and just made a twitter account last week for this class. I use facebook to stay connected with friends and family. I play games on Facebook and browser. I just do not post much.

I am just starting to use Instagram, but still learning how to use it. I am still more of a browser. My little cousin is the only person that has posted on my Instagram account!

My snapchat is my most active social media. I love snapping my friends and family it is so much fun. Snapchat has made taking pictures and videos a daily occurrence. They have now twisted it into a news source too. Follow me at bukaroo09!

I do have my own website but is only used for school reasons. It is like a resume website.

Vanishing messages

Snapchat is an amazing social media platform. While the deletion of messages/pictures was originally intended for “sexting,” Snapchat has grown to so much more.

Keeping in touch with your friends is something humans have been doing for ages.

Snapchat is a quick way to send friends messages and keep them posted on your day to day life without the slower connection of texting. Snapchat, however, does tempt people to do worse things, in my opinion.

With the knowledge that messages/pictures disappear, the increase of threats, whether they be towards individuals, schools, and bullying, are on the rise.

While there has been some bad produced, Snapchat is a fun fast way to keep in touch with friends. It’s also very addicting!


E! News presents The Rundown

Back in September of 2017, E! News decided to launch a new show called The Rundown. It airs on Snapchat in the discover section.

The idea is to break down all the major pop culture stories, while having fun with it with the host. So far it’s gotten positive reviews.

The show has worked due to the idea of getting all your major stories broken down in five minutes. Plus it’s on the go and can be watched anytime.

Now E! has decided to move the show to a bi-weekly segment. E! states its due to the success of the show, but does that really make sense?

SnapChat supports news organizations

Social media has become a very large part of people’s lives. Newspaper sales are decreasing every year, But news agencies that utilize social media has given them a bigger platform. SnapChat  has become one of apps increasingly used.

One of the most used news organizations on SnapChat is DailyMail. It’s a British tabloid newspaper published in London. It’s the United Kingdom’s second- biggest selling daily newspaper.

Daily Mail has a section on the SnapChat where they have plenty of news resources. Daily Mail upload mail that happens daily from celebrities, murders, viral videos and random stories. Every day is a new news story.

One Daily Mail news that has happened today (Monday, January 29) was a story about Jay-Z and Beyonce “WE FOUGHT FOR OUR LOVE”.  Daily Mail put up the interview Jay-Z had with CNN talking about how hard he tried to save his marriage. He spoke out about cheating on his wife and going through some big challenges with her.