Data story that will make you second-guess having kids

Now that I know what data stories are, I’m seeing data everywhere. After watching a movie I think about its ratings, budget, crew demographics, and anything else that can be organized in an excel sheet. I feel enlightened as if I have just taken a stats class.

I also am interested in data stories more, like the one by The Guardian that informs readers on just how much time is invested in raising a child titled, “Read this before you have a baby (especially if you’re a woman).”

Data story by The Guardian.

This data story provides many visuals organizing data like how many hours a day are spent working. This compares the hours of men with no kids to women with kids age 6-17.

Hours spent per day working by parents according to data story by The Guardian.

The next data table presents the amount of hours parents spend per day watching TV. This is a way to break the news that when people have kids, their leisure time goes down dramatically like that of women with kids under the age of 6.

Hours spent per day watching TV by parents. Data story by The Guardian.

Data stories like this help readers visualize data easily and data can then persuade the audience if that’s what the author is trying to do.

Author: Aya Nasrallah

Aya is a freshman at the University of Michigan-Dearborn majoring in Behavioral and Biological Sciences on a pre-med track. She is a pediatrician in the making and has a long way to go to accomplish her goal. She enjoys spending time with family, watching movies, and learning about anything and everything. Stick with her on the journey!

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