The Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) has been in act since 1967. This act allows the public to request access in to what goes on behind closed doors within the government.

This can also go into play with local institutions. The most recent example is the Larry Nassar case at Michigan State University.

Back in February, MSU was caught withholding information about players and coaches about other potential sex scandal allegations on it’s campus. Thanks to ESPN’s Outside the Lines legal department, that information was finally obtained.

This information would not have been obtainable without FIOA.

Author: Eric Guzman

Hello, My name is Eric Guzman, I'm a student at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. I'm going in to the field of journalism with a concentration in radio broadcasting. My goal is to end up in Chicago doing sports talk, but I have a passion for music and film as well.

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