Time to change the NBA culture

As we enter the first round of the NBA Playoffs, you have to acknowledge the success of the Philadelphia 76ers. A team that three or four years ago was one of the worst teams in the league.

As the Sixers continue to progress, many NBA teams may now consider to “tank” their seasons to see if they can repeat what the Sixers have done. If that is an option, how will this effect the NBA.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver recognizes the issue and has been working on trying to resolve the issue. At one point in time, he even sent out a memo in regards to the issue to all 30 NBA teams.

No one knows when, or how the issue will be resolved, but let’s hope the integrity of the game stays intact.

NCAA corruption sources

For my second data story, I did a follow up on the NCAA corruption story that has headlined the news since the end of 2017. There were many sources I used for this story but I used three major ones to help with my story.

The first source I used was Yahoo Sports. This source is the initial FBI report that has been documented about the names of players that have been involved with this scandal.

The next important source I used was Sports Illustrated. This source was helpful for many reasons. I used this source to get the names of all the schools that were involved with the scandal and other various reports about how the scandal had effected coach Rick Pitino by costing him his job at Louisville.

My final source was from ESPN. The ESPN source was very important because of how many stories were written that are tied in with the scandal. Some of these stories include how Arizona head coach Sean Miller was caught on the phone discussing payments with an agent, the stripper scandal in Louisville, and how the Michigan State basketball team has been involved with hiding sexual abuse news.

Stephen A. Smith on twitter

Stephen A. Smith is a man of many roles. He’s employed by ESPN and serves as a reporter, analyst and radio show host for the company.

Stephen A. host the hit TV show First Take, and hosts the radio show The Stephen A. Smith ShowSmith has been employed with ESPN since 2005.

What makes Stephen A.’s profile fun and enjoyable to me is that he’s a guy I aspire to be like as I achieve my professional career in sports journalism. I also enjoy his profile as an NBA fan, he gives his insight on the games that are happening and predictions during the offseason of the sport.


The Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) has been in act since 1967. This act allows the public to request access in to what goes on behind closed doors within the government.

This can also go into play with local institutions. The most recent example is the Larry Nassar case at Michigan State University.

Back in February, MSU was caught withholding information about players and coaches about other potential sex scandal allegations on it’s campus. Thanks to ESPN’s Outside the Lines legal department, that information was finally obtained.

This information would not have been obtainable without FIOA.