Verifying what’s true and what’s false

Verification is very important when it comes to journalism. One of the most important things is that all your information should be verified to make sure your facts, images, or videos are correct.

These days on social media such as Instagram or Twitter people could easily know if a person or news source is verified by looking for the blue check next to the accounts name.



While doing my dataset research, there were many websites I needed to make sure that the information I took was correct. The two websites I used to verify my information was and also . I use these two websites to put my facts that I want to verify and they would confirm to me how true a fact is.

There were websites I was using to check the cost of tuition at different colleges in Michigan. When coming along to the facts I was getting certain prices and I wanted to make sure the price is accurate. Snopes and FactCheck let me know if it was true, false, or in the middle.

Verifying everything you put online and making sure it is accurate is very important for reporting.



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