Advocacy for families overcoming disabilities

For my podcast, I chose to focus on supporting the families that have a child with a disability and helping them become a functioning member of society. Along with supporting families, these podcasts by attorney Bernard Krooks focus on special education teachers and programs.

I listen to this podcast while doing homework/lesson plans. It is important to know that others are going through the same things you are. They keep you updated on the latest research, therapy, give tips, and classroom advice. BE THE VOICE!

  • The link provided above has more than just podcasts available.It has planning, newsletters and were to find services. If you need more support they give you advocacy centers.

Author: Olivia Buk

My name is Olivia Buk. I am working on a double major in early childhood development and Instructional technology. I am currently an assistant special education preschool teacher. I love everything about my career path. I can't wait to see where my career will take me!

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