A good aggregation

I choose an aggregation done by  BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed is a news site that has articles that are not normally news savvy. Some of there articles are very silly. Along with news they have fun quizzes.

I reviewed an article called 36 Things That’ll Make You Say “Why Don’t I Own That Already?”

I feel the author Elena Garcia did a good job writing this. She listed items. Under each item, she described it.

It stated how much it costs.

Along with where to find it. The links are active, so the links take you straight to the item. That makes purchasing easy.

They are spaced out nicely and fun to read. If you are looking for something unique or uncommon look no fa

Overall the article was written well. It was geared towards the reader with active links.

The boss Betsy Devos

This interview was very scary to me. Watching someone that is in control of our education system along with my job not be able to answer simple questions. Sad.

There is a new state stander for public schools to follow. That is if your child/student is not at a third-grade reading level you are not able to move on. You are no longer able to slide under the radar with reading levels. You must be able to read before moving on to fourth grade.

The state testing needs to change. The rich, poor, and in between are doing poorly. The M-Step is hard. I hope they change the state testing strategies.

She has not even visited a public school that is bad/not doing well. She has nothing to speak to because she has done nothing.

Choices are good but we need great. Put the time, energy, and money into our public schools and watch us soar.

He did a great job curation on the “60-minute interview.” He supported everything with links to his sources. He broke it down so everyone can understand it and find more information.


Verification of the mysteries of why University Ann Arbor and Detroit Mercy has a huge gab in graduation rate.

The universities have a huge gap in graduation from the data in college scorecard

After finding such data one need to understand what is causing the gap there? To do so verification needs to be done the proof of the data exist for the gap.

Later research was done to verify that the gap is there. as one continues to look at college scorecard site you will see different accepting of sat/ Act scores

University Detroit Mercy reading scores,443-608 written scores 425-608 and math scores 458-628. ACT Scores22-27

University Michigan Ann Arbor. reading scores,630-730 written scores 640-730 and math scores660-770 ACT Scores 29-33

AS one looks and notices the huge gap between both universities enrollment data and their tuition rate to pay for classes one will see why there is such a gap.

University Ann Arbor population enrollment students

University Detroit Mercy enrollment students

Having this data is a great way to verify what statement is being reported in this data.


Wildcard–educational tools

Can Technology improve students learning and help teachers What can be used to help, google classroom has the answer?

Education is something everyone will be able to experience rather they like it or not young kids are suggested to go to school at the age of 2years old through12 grade.

Head started will get the kids ready for elementary life. While elementary life will get the student ready for middle school.

Middles school gets students ready for high school etc. until the students are ready for a career college will help students with this.

To make learning and lessons easier Google classroom have got teacher and student cover. Anyone can use google classroom and teach any subject.

20180421_181726 (1) google classroom

Invite as many students to learn within this online application software from the computer to your phone.

20180421_181756 students in class

Just creat lesson and assignment and set a due date and your classroom is set for outside use.

20180421_182532 goggle classroom assiments

The student will enjoy some interesting video and links which teachers have added to their outside use curriculum for the semester.

If you have time you can also use google classroom within the teacher classes.as a flip classroom assignment.

Here are the materials which will be needed in the classroom example.

20180421_185755 material need for class

Google classroom can do all of this for the online part of the classroom and home assignment.

A curation example

On Bridgemi I was able to find an example of curation written by Chastity Pratt Dawsey and Mike Wilkinson. This particular article compared the various school stats in Michigan as opposed to other states. The two reporters highlighted an important fact; “Michigan is not getting the school it deserves.”

I feel that after reading Ron French’s story, which is also on Bridgemi, this was a poor example or perhaps a short article. Although the  article had well over 18 paragraphs and only three contextualized links. As the flow of the paragraphs increased to the end of the article the three links were the only sources that were used.

The article also had related links in the middle of certain paragraphs, that could cause some confusion as you are reading. That could be an added value for citizens in the school districts that want to see similar articles on the topic or as mentioned before cause a sense of confusion to the readers.

I do like the way the few links are attributed, it is the same as what we are currently learning and prior to clicking the link you know what you’re going to potentially be seeing. Thus, it is not click bait. Although this is blog post is not about the content of the writing, I think the authors had too much opinion in the writing. This is something that we should limit as much as possible so that our biases and personal beliefs do not run interference with the facts.