Betsy Devos’ interview calls for curated article by Ron French

Aggregation and curation develop Ron French’s article in Bridge Michigan as he formulates a “cheat sheet” for United States Secretary of Education Betsy Devos’ interview on “60 Minutes”.

French aggregated in order to support information he provides throughout his article and guides readers to these aggregated sites in order to maximize understanding in each point he makes.

French aggregated sources like himself when he mentioned that Michigan school test scores were not improving which contradicted Devos’ statement about the advancement of scores as students move districts by school of choice. French approached this by first stating who did the research, Michigan State University in this case, and then linked an article he wrote that summarized the research within the phrase, “didn’t improve test scores”.

Another aggregated source French includes in this cheat sheet is another finding that supports Michigan’s poor test scores. He presented the information by introducing the analyst, Brian Jacobs, who put the study together. French summarized his findings in a short sentence in this article but linked Jacob’s faculty page to a phrase that described him professionally. If readers wanted to find out more about Jacobs, they could then click the link and read up on him.

Ron French links a directory detail of analyst Brian Jacobs after describing data found by him.


Author: Aya Nasrallah

Aya is a freshman at the University of Michigan-Dearborn majoring in Behavioral and Biological Sciences on a pre-med track. She is a pediatrician in the making and has a long way to go to accomplish her goal. She enjoys spending time with family, watching movies, and learning about anything and everything. Stick with her on the journey!

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