Gun control situation encourages students to walk out in protest

Across the nation, gun control has been a controversial issue that many citizens have an opinion about. The #ENOUGH movement sprouted from it and motivated students to walk out of class in protest saying the school shootings have to be stopped.

Celebrities like singer, Zendaya took it to social media to show their support:

The future. #rp

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Students from different grades, schools, and universities made it a duty for themselves to stand up to legislation as they look upon the gun control situation. Samantha Raphelson from NPR reports in an article on the issue, a student said, “Stand for us, or beware, the voters are coming.” Students have lost hope that adults will act so they took matters in their own hands.

Following this movement, another one sparked up called #Marchforourlives which was in protest of gun violence in California.

The New York Times reports on the #Marchforourlives movement in California.

The New York Times reported in an article about the march that more than 30,000 people marched through downtown Los Angeles. The cause brought all these citizens together because they needed to express their feeling of danger.

The Times also describes a young girl who held up a sign reading, “Am I next?” Signs like this were held with different messages that captured the purpose of the march.

Author: Aya Nasrallah

Aya is a freshman at the University of Michigan-Dearborn majoring in Behavioral and Biological Sciences on a pre-med track. She is a pediatrician in the making and has a long way to go to accomplish her goal. She enjoys spending time with family, watching movies, and learning about anything and everything. Stick with her on the journey!

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