Area code locator is a verification tools

They are always coming up with new verification tools due to technology advancing every day.  You are probably using verification tools daily and don’t even realize. Facebook can be a verification tool if you are using it to learn information on someone. There are tools to see if you are reading fake news?

The verification tool I researched is area code locator.

It helps you pinpoint states and cities that use a certain area code. Area codes are important. If you don’t have the correct area code you will not be connected to the correct person. It shows how many people are using that area code, usage, and the carriers.

Author: Olivia Buk

My name is Olivia Buk. I am working on a double major in early childhood development and Instructional technology. I am currently an assistant special education preschool teacher. I love everything about my career path. I can't wait to see where my career will take me!

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