Keturrah Ellis

Hi I’m Keturrah Ellis and for a class blog assignment we are to sync our social media accounts.

I’ll be linking my Twitter account and my LinkedIn account so that whoever is interested can follow me and or stay in contact with me.pexels-photo-607812.jpeg(free Google art)

My Twitter account is new and its allowing me to really zoom in on people, places and arts that I like and so I’ll be sharing more of my scientific side in the near future.

I’m an inventor with a patent pending product and I am also a business owner at Scent2Sleep llc. If anyone has any questions in regards to patents or business in general, LinkedIn is another great way to connect with me. I’ll be more than happy to help where and when I can.

I love arts of all kind as well and so I’ll be sharing more of my own arts with my followers and contacts. Expanding is good when the contacts are with others one can build with, and so I am more private than open when it comes to my private life however, I am fully active for a just cause and for business.

I can also be reached:


Author: Keturrah Ellis

I absolutely love nature and family! I am in school for Environmental Sciences and I attend school at the University of Michgan. I am naturally gifted in astronomy and arts and so I will be utilizing my skills to help improve the overall health of our environment.

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