Neil deGrasse Tyson is on Twitter!

I’m new to the Twitter scene however, I am not at all new to social media. I seem to really like anything environmental especially cosmic based.

Neil Tyson is one of my favorite astrophysics along with the late Carl Sagan. I chose to follow Neil on Twitter because he knows his science stuff, and he has an amazing way of speaking scientifically. If you are interested in outer space and how the cosmos relate and affects us all through astronomy, then you’ll enjoy his Twitter posts and news.pexels-photo-110854.jpeg(free Google art)

Neil Tyson is best known for the Space odyssey where he took many of us on a quest to discover outer space in a creative documentary he did called COSMOS.

Neil took many of us on a 13 part sequel to Carl Sagan’s 1980 landmark television documentary called Cosmos. The Cosmos: A lifetime Odyssey, which was and still is a very informative space odyssey that takes one on many adventures with new discovers to be had.

I really like how Neil Tyson, displays himself; cool, funny and extremely smart. I have followed him on other social media sites as well for sometime now and so I can safely say whoever follows him is in for a informative cosmic treat!

Author: Keturrah Ellis

I absolutely love nature and family! I am in school for Environmental Sciences and I attend school at the University of Michgan. I am naturally gifted in astronomy and arts and so I will be utilizing my skills to help improve the overall health of our environment.

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