Extra credit fake news

What is fake news and why is the public distrust, and have animosity between Trump and the media.

Well, let talk about how this all started from one tweet from the President of the UnitedStates of America.

According to this tweet, President Donald Trump view on CNN and ABC News/Washington Post is not a safe source of news.

Trump mentions this when he said they are “inaccurate and a scam”

After reading this Student were interview ar University of Michigan Dearborn about their view on fake news and how to be aware of what news is fake or not.

Here is how a few the Students felt about such news. Kendell was one who had confidence in his view of knowing the difference between fake and real news.

Here are some helpful tips to recognize the difference in news real or fake this is AAPR few on the matter of the news. 7 ways to detect fake news

Here are more helpful tips to protect oneself form fake news

Test your knowledge of fake news  Why not make it more exciting with this game to test your knowledge between fake or real news on factitious

My personal view on this subject.  I am glad I have a few tips for recognizing fake news. I am neutral on trump opinion on the news I am doing this for my grade only thank you

Author: Jannah shannon

Hello, I am Jannah I am a collage student who like K-pop and J-Pop Nice too meet you. My goals is to become a teacher one day in Japan but my major is Instructional Technology.

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