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Newest arena taking over since it open on September 12, 2017

The little Cesar arena is the newest arena locate in Detroit downtown in Michigan this arena is own by Olympia entertainment.

This arena is designed to entertain the guests with live music concerts, hickey basketballs sports, ice skating and more.

here is a little history of Olympics, entertainment in 1927 Olympia Sports Arena was built in downtown Detroit to accommodate Detroit’s NHL franchise.

“The Detroit Cougars, and serve as the premier venue for a variety of entertainment. Affectionately known as “The Old Barn,” Olympia Stadium opened its doors in October 1927 and hosted a wide variety of events including rodeos, ice shows, an Elvis Presley concert, Frank Sinatra concert, the Harlem Globetrotters, presidential addresses, and seven Stanley Cup winning Red Wings teams over its 72-year history. The Olympia Sports Arena closed its doors in 1979 and was demolished in 1986.”

To let people know about the latest event which is being played in the arena the LCA advertise it on Twitter.

Using Twitter is the best way to get the information out since almost everyone is on twitter or use it to get fast news in seconds.

Author: Jannah shannon

Hello, I am Jannah I am a collage student who like K-pop and J-Pop Nice too meet you. My goals is to become a teacher one day in Japan but my major is Instructional Technology.

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