Story Map about where I traveled in 2017


I was inspired by the blog Data Sketches, from their data visual topic on travel. If they could create visuals of their past travel vacations from years ago, then I could too. I don’t have the skill sets to create such pretty data visuals, so I found a program that I can easily use to represent my travel vacation from 2017. From the same creators of Timeline JS, they made Story Map JS.

Story Map JS helps create stories with videos and images through a map.

The first step that I did was look at all the pictures from my Google Photos, social media, and from my parents and sibling’s social media as well. I organized the pictures to where I traveled in 2017.

Check out my Story Map here.



The world and U.S population

On the census website, there are tons of infographics and visualizations that anyone can have access to. I choose to write about two images that I wanted to compare. The images relate to the population of the world and in the U.S in 2016 and 2017.

I wanted to see how much the world and U.S population increased, so I took the respective populations and subtracted it to find the difference.

In a year, the world’s population increased by 82,093,713. For the U.S, the population increased by 2,661,396.

This data set enhances my reporting because it is a simple report on the world and U.S population. It shows the population right next to an image of the world or the U.S.